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Bookit N Go is a new, easy to use mobile and web booking platform

Modern, easy, feature-rich and cheaper way to market your properties through our OTA platform

Powerful Platform

Powerful and innovative mobile and web application platform specially built for the industry. Guaranteed low commissions of 10% to drive up sales

PMS Integration

Direct Integration with your Property Management System. Easy to use interface to manage your rooms, amenities, specials, pictures and so much more.

User friendly Apps

Beautifully designed user friendly booking app is under development. Effective review engine to drive up sales.

Why you should choose
Bookit N Go

Bookit N Go plans to launch this summer to help hotels & motels save money on booking commissions. This platform will allow hotels & motels to keep more revenue while still providing the same or better services through an OTA to their customers. We always listen to our Hotel partners to add features and make our platform more valuable and powerful as a direct outcome of their feedback.
There are no term contracts, commitments, or hidden fees on Bookit N Go

Bookit N Go is backed by AGILEIENT, a company having several years of successfully launching and supporting products that have garnered publicity and attention nationwide. Our products have been featured in the news nationwide and have garnered rave reviews. We are always creating innovative, feature rich technology products that help businesses leverage technology and save money. Entrusting us to be your technology partner will come with the best in class products, customer service and support along with savings you will always love.


57 Hotels


3000+ Rooms


11 States - USA

General Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions

Please reach out to us at with queries or to sign up

How does bookit n go differ from the other booking sites?

Bookit n go understands what it is like to be a hotelier and wants to keep as much revenue in your pocket. Therefore, we ask for only a small commission of 10% to use our platform to connect with customers.

Where are you located?

We are a local Southern California business that is passionate about helping the small hoteliers.

When can I expect to see my hotel on the bookit n go app and website?

We are excited to announce that we will be launching in the Summer of 2021, just a few months away.

I like what you are doing at bookit n go, how can I be a part of the initial launch?

We are offering a small group of hotels and motels to join the app early and be our Beta testers. We would love for you to join this group and give us feedback. However, maybe you are interested but need more information, that is OK too. We can add you to our ongoing communication and you will get updates and see our progress. Please fill out this request and we will be in touch.

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